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Tactical Concealed Carry Strap Ankle Holster

ZAR 140,00 each Brand: WWG


Tactical Concealed Carry Strap Ankle Holster 


For GLOCK 26/27, Sig 232/PPK, Small Revolver (J Frame)


This holster will also hold guns of similar size and shape to those listed.


In the summertime when you need to travel light, few holsters are as light, simple and easy to manage as the Concealed Carry Ankle Holster.


A wide strap that adjusts to your ankle.


This simple style of holster virtually eliminates the "rocking" feeling of the gun in an ankle holster.


To wear the gun correctly ignore the picture (and most pictures you see of most ankle holsters). Where it on your bare ankle, covered by your sock.


This keeps it disguised if your pant leg rides up for any reason.


It is light. It fits securely. It works for easy summertime concealed carry.