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G&G M4 TR15 Raider Full Metal - Black Free ForeGrip

ZAR 5 100,00 each Brand: G&G


G&G M4 TR15 Raider Full Metal - Black Free ForeGrip 


Want to stand out from the crowd with a Full Metal Electric Blowback AEG
You can now with the Electric G&G Top Tech GT Advanced TR15 Raider Airsoft Rifle! This awesome rifle features realistic M4 stylings in Full Metal and is a great choice for combat scenarios. To add even more to the realism, this gun features a Pneumatic Electric Blowback System which means that when you're firing each shot on semi or full-automatic, the charging slide will move back and forth giving a unique feel and sound while firing. It'll be sure to stand out in a crowd of non-blowback plastic rifles. Not only does it look cool, but it fires fast as well. You'll take down your targets shooting at 400 FPS! Take your game to the next level and pick up an Electric G&G Top Tech Advanced TR15 Raider Full Metal Blowback Airsoft Rifle in Desert Tan today! 
Top Tech Features:
High Grade External Aluminum Metals 
Same grade or better than KWA
Forward Assist Acts as a Spring Release 
Real guns use this function to make sure the bolt is not stuck with dust/grime. Our forward assist release the spring to make sure the spring is not under tension when not in use
Functional Bolt Catch 
Pull back the charging handle and press the bolt catch to hold the bolt in place (hop-up adjustment). When you hit the bolt catch it will release the bolt plate just like a real gun
One Piece Barrel 
Increases durability and adds to realism
Realistic Magazine Release Button 
Instead of a Phillips screw that screw in the magazine release like most Airsoft including KWA and G&G Combat Machine Series.

The G&G Top Tech guns have the same magazine release button as a real gun and do not require the Phillips screw. A small touch for added realism. 
Engraved Receiver 
Logo will not fade with prolonged use 
Machine Screws (non-self tapping) 
Increases the longevity of screw threads and is great for those who often change their customizations.
Pneumatic Blow Back System (G&G Patented) 
Pneumatic System is better than a mechanical system as it does not put a drain on the battery or have troublesome mechanical failure. Easy replacement if needed. 
Sealed 8mm Ball Bearings 
G&G Top Tech ball bearings are sealed which helps to protect the ball bearings from dirt and grime. KWA uses "open" ball bearings.
Frontal Gearbox Radius Cuts (where gearbox crack occurs most commonly) 
KWA thickens the frontal portion of their gear box which works well; we choose a different engineering path and have circular cuts on the four corners of the frontal gearbox to reduce stress points while maintaining Tokyo Marui compatibility. 

Electric Powered
Full Metal Construction
Pneumatic Electric Blowback System
RIS System
Adjustable Hop Up
Adjustable Sights
6-Position Stock
Semi/Full Auto Firing Modes
300 Round Magazine
Electric G&G Top Tech Advanced TR15 Raider FPS-400 Full Metal Blowback Airsoft Rifle Desert Tan
Hi-Cap Magazine
Vertical Grip
Rail Guards
FPS: 400 
Magazine Capacity: 300 RDs
Size: 32 Inches (35 Inches With Stock Extended)
Plug Type: Small Tamiya
Battery And Charger NOT Included?Uses 9.6V Stick or Nunchuck Battery