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Sniper Ghillie Suit 3Piece Set - Woodland

ZAR 1 800,00 each Brand: WWG


Sniper Ghillie Suit 4Piece Set - Woodland

Ghillie Suit   4Piece Set

Complete 3 piece camo ghillie suit. Set includes hood/veil, jacket, pants, and storage bag.

Constructed with breathable Desert  underlining.

Designed to be worn over jeans and t-shirt .

Lightweight design for use in warmer hunting conditions -complete suit with storage bag weighs just 3.5 lbs.

Elastic/draw string in pant waist. Easy snap closure on jacket.

Vail/hood features adjustable chinstrap and open mesh camo that hides eyes/glasses

from sight while enhancing critical vision area of the face.

Size about Chest 42-48 Waist 32-38

Key Features:

Massive quantity of dyed, camouflage fibers sewn to suit.
Snap up jacket (5 snaps/buttons)
Pants cinch at the top and have snaps/buttons from mid-calf down for custom fit
Hood provides full head/facial cover while still allowing large field of view
Suit can be modified to suit your personal tastes
Light-weight camouflage netting material provides for excellent concealment with superb breath ability.
Much lighter and more comfortable than burlap, yet strong and durable.
Designed to be worn over jeans and shirt.
Includes handy storage/carry bag
Has Many uses - Hunting, recon, paintball, airsoft, photographing, military, law enforcement, Halloween, and more.