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WW2 D-BOYS Kar 98K Fake Wood Full Metal Shell - Ejecting Sniper Rifle

ZAR 3 950,00 each Brand: DBoys


WW2 D-BOYS Kar 98K Fake Wood Full Metal Shell - Ejecting Sniper Rifle


Quick Overview

D-BOYS Karabiner 98 Kruz Airsoft Rifle

-- Kar98k Air-Cocking Shell-Ejecting Sniper



1/1 Scale Super Sophisticated Spring Powered Karabiner 98 Kruz Rifle 

Each shell accommodate a round of 6mm Bullet that will eject after pulling the coking lever,

 just like the real steel does 

Pump-Action Mechanism (PULL - Shell Insertion/Ejection & PUSH - Air Cocking) 

Reach ~340fps power straight out of box 

Full metal Front Sight & Rear Sight w/ Windage & Range adjustment 

Safety Lever can switch between Safety, Safety-Unload & Fire Mode 

This gun is made with Fake Wood Frame looks like a real steel 

Sling mount can be installed with any sniper rifle sling 

NOTE: Please make sure you read the manual before using the gun. 

Loading Shell could be tricky but once you understand the photo illustration of the manual, 

it can be done easily 

Item Weight (gram) 2950 

Major Color Wood 

Length 1120mm 

Shooting Mode Manual 

Other Power Source Air Cocking (Spring) 

Magazine Capacity 5 Shells (1 Rounds BB each) 

Bullet Type 6mm BB 

Power (Muzzle Velocity) 300FPS 

Manufacturer DBoys / Boyi 


Package Includes 

D-BOYS Mauser Karabiner 98k Airsoft Rifle (Real Wood) 

5 Shells 

50 rds 6mm Plastic Bullets 

Instruction Manual 

Original Box