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ZAR 3 500,00 each Brand: WWG




The Compact JG F6631 M4 CQB Stubby goes anywhere, shoots anything, and is a force to be reckoned with. Configured with a slew of custom accessories including a short free-floating RIS, a 5" metal barrel, flip-up front and rear iron sights, an ergonomic SPR grip, PEQ-style battery box, and a full stock. Designed to faithfully replicate the M4  to the letter, this 1:1 scale replica includes an amazing amount of detail. Set the gun from Safe, to Semi-Auto, to Full Auto with the safety selector. Pull the functional charging handle to release the flip-open dust cover to allow access to the ejection port area and Hop-Up system. The forward assist button and bolt catch paddle are all present to provide an accurate and aesthetics touch. The flip-up rear iron sight can be quickly deployed or set out of the way with a simple push and swing. The front hanguard system features a free-floating Rail Accessory System (RAS) quadrail system with an additional rail system lining the top of the receiver. Attach a variety of accessories from vertical foregrips, bipods, lasers, flashlights, red dot sights, or scopes to the rail systems and customize your gun to your liking. Reload the gun by pressing the magazine release button to drop the magazine free out of the magazine well and replace it with a loaded one. The JG F6631 handles and operates just like the M4 rifle, it's one of the best replicas out there for those looking for an awesome and realistic touch.


Included with the gun is a short 190-round magazine. As a Hi-Cap (or High-Capacity) magazine, you will need to load the magazine with BBs through a trapdoor found on top of the magazine. Features a winding wheel at the bottom of the magazine that helps the flow of ammunition feeding into the gun properly. The JG F6631 M4 CQB Stubby fires at a powerful 390 FPS (Feet Per Second). Thanks to its upgraded internal parts that include a reinforced metal gearbox and steel gear sets, the JG F6631 is one of the best performers of any airsoft gun of its type. It is powered by a rechargeable 8.4V NiMH battery that can be connected to an external battery compartment disguised as an attachable PEQ style box. A basic wall charger is included and would typically take no more than 4 hours for an empty battery to reach a maximum charge.


Please note supervising the charging process is recommended and should not be left unattended for periods longer than 3-4 hours as overcharging the battery can cause damage to the battery's overall health


 5" Metal Barrel

Shortened Quadrail System Handguards

Full Length Fixed Stock

Safe, Semi-Auto, and Full-Auto Firing Modes

Functional Charging Handle

Dust Cover Flips Open to Access Hop-Up

Flip-Up Front & Rear Iron Sights

Rear Iron Sight Adjustable for Windage & Elevation

Rail Accessory Systems (RAS)

190-Round Hi-Cap Magazine

390 FPS Performance

Powered by 8.4v NiMH Battery

Includes Battery & Charger

(Light and Sight is not incl)