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JG BAR-10 Mid-Capacity Bolt-Action Airsoft Magazine - 30 Rounds

ZAR 280,00 each Brand: JG - Jing Gong


JG BAR-10 Mid-Capacity Bolt-Action Airsoft Magazine (30 Rounds)


A high quality magazine for JG Bar-10 bolt-action spring airsoft guns. Grab a spare magazine and never worry about reloading. It features a compact build with recessed indents grip points. As a mid-cap (middle-capacity) magazine it holds a substantial 30 rounds. BB's are loaded by inserting BB's into the feeding port at the top of the magazine either by hand or with an airsoft speed loader. Original product by JG and recommended for use with JG Bar-10 Bolt-Action spring airsoft rifles. 


Compatible with Well brand MB02, MB03, MB04 bolt-action spring sniper rifles, however results may vary.