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G&G Replacement Crane Stock Rubber Butt Pad - BLACK

ZAR 190,00 each Brand: G&G


This is a stock replacement butt plate and pad for the G&G M4 series replicas.

For use on crane stock (not tele-stock).


G&G Replacement Crane Stock Rubber Butt Pad - BLACK 



This G&G Nylon Polymer replacement butt pad is compatible with all G&G crane stocks.  The G&G rubber crane stock butt pad features a slip-on rubber shoulder pad, making your G&G AEG comfortable to shoulder.  Nothing is worse than losing your crane stock butt pad, and being forced to buy an entirely new stock to replace a small component.  This replacement piece solves that dilemma, and is offered at Airsoft Megastore for the lowest price on the market!



- Nylon Polymer construction

- Slip-on rubber shoulder pad

- Comfortable and ergonomic

- Compatible with all G&G AEG Crane Stocks