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WE Tech Glock 19 Green Gas Blow Back Pistol - Black

ZAR 2 350,00 each Brand: WE


WE Tech Glock 19 Green Gas Blow Back Pistol - Black


 The Glock 19 pistol is a polymer frame semi-automatic compact pistol. It is a slightly smaller version of the Glock 17. The Glock name is know for its reliability and the 9mm round is a fast moving projectile that can stop most any threat. When put together on the model 19 compact frame, it makes for a great carry gun that's small enough to be concealed but also carries the fire power of a full frame firearm. 


This is a Glock 19 Replica model from WE Tech, the pistol slide was made of metal with a metal made outer barrel. The total weight of this pistol is about 775g and the total length of this pistol is 175mm. WE G19 GBB Pistol is a gas blow back model, firing mode in semi auto. The magazine can carry 20rounds bb per clip, and shooting power at 300FPS with 0.2g bb. 


There is no marking on this pistol model, there is a tactical rail on the frame for the flashlight/laser attachment, nylon polymer pistol frame is one-piece construction. This pistol featured an integrated trigger safety. Please refer to the following section to know more feature about this model. 



• Built-in underside rail for tactical light/laser device

• Interchangeable back strap with different sizes for your comfort

• Durable Nylon Polymer Frame 

• Rough textured grip to enhance grip traction and a better control on the pistol

• Trigger-Safety mechanism to prevent mis-triggering

• Metal Side and outer barrel


Item Weight(gram): 775g

Major Color: Black

Length: 175mm

Barrel Length: 90mm 

Blow Back: Yes

Hop-up: Adjustable 

Shooting Mode: Semi-automatic 

Magazine Capacity: 20+1 Rounds 

Bullet Type: 6mm BB 

Pistol Power Source: Gas 

Power (Muzzle Velocity): 300FPS

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