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WE 23rd Pistol Magazine For Glock 19 GBB Black

ZAR 600,00 each Brand: WE


WE 23rd Pistol Magazine For Glock 19 GBB Black


WE 23rd Magazine for ISSC SAI ATI M19 G-Series 19 26 M22 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols

This magazine is for the WE19 / WE26 / ISCC M-22 / SAI-19 Salient Arms Licensed G series Airsoft GBB and compatible models manufactured / OEM by WE. The 19 / 26 length is shorter than than 17 / 18C / 23 length. Thus, this magazine will only work on the 19 and 26 length GBB pistols. *The longer magazine will always work on shorter hand-grip pistol models, but with the magazine longer than the grip.


Compatibility: For WE-Tech WE19 ISSC M22 SAI-19 Salient Arms licensed Series and other compatible Airsoft G-Series GBB Pistols

Capacity: 23+1 rds

Gas Type: Green Gas, Red Gas, Propane


Manufacturer: WE