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Guard Hopup Rubber BL - Fit all AEG

ZAR 120,00 each


Airsoft Electric Gun Parts -  Guard Hopup Rubber


Hop-up's main function is to increase the range of the BBs travel,
 making for longer shots. However, not all airsoft guns have a hop-up mechanism
(check the make and model of your gun).

How it works

The hop-up mechanism on an airsoft gun imparts backspin on the BB.
 An adjustable piece of rubber provides resistance on the upper part
 of the BB when fired, causing backspin.

The hop-up lever adjusts the amount of backspin you impart on the BB
 -- from normal (zero hop) to full pressure. Fire a few shots to set the
lever to its optimum setting. Start at zero hop, shoot a few rounds,
adjust for more hop and observer the trajectory. If the BBs tend to drop,
 increase hop-up. When they begin to magically fly upwards,
you're putting too much backspin -- lower the setting. Additionally,
excessive pressure and backspin may also result in premature drop.