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Original Mad Bull 60 Degree Shark Accelerator Hopup Bucking - Red x1 Unit

ZAR 270,00 each Brand: Madbull

Original Mad Bull 60 Degree Shark Accelerator  Hopup Bucking - Red x1 Unit
Manufactured by: Madbull Airsoft Original

Why 60 Degrees? 
60 degree rubber is softer than normal 80-90 degree rubber.
Much easier to install and operate than the softer rubber bucking.
The B.B. will shoot out easier and without headaches and need less skills to upgrade
Cons: This item may last shorter than the regular rubber. 
How to install:
(1) Please apply some oil outside the bucking when installing.
(2) Also, remember to replace the spacer to the X type one. NOTE: X spacer is not good for all AEGs.
(3) If you have problems shooting, please apply some oil "inside" the bucking
About this product:
Shark Hopup Bucking was originally designed for 470 to prevent double feeding.
By having 3 special "fins" inside the bucking, Shark Hopup Bucking can hold one and only one B.B. tightly in the chamber.
In the mean time, to our surprise, we found that this bucking could enhance the velocity on some AEGs.
But not all AEGs will have the same results and the result could be different from one AEG to another.
Unfortunately, we don't know the exact reason because each AEG has its own characteristics. 
However, we do believe that the friction (from 3 fins) applied onto B.B. will enhance the velocity.