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AIM M4A1 M4 QUAD RIS Rail Handguard 7 inch - 2 Pics

ZAR 900,00 each Brand: WWG


AIM M4 QUAD RIS Rail Handguard  7 inch - 2 Pics


This is a real steel RIS found in real gun shops. Here are some info from our techs regarding the QUAD RIS made by AIM.

Fits smoothly: G&G, KWA, JG Metal body, Socom Gear and other compatible models.

Modification required: Echo1, SRC, Matrix, JG ABS body, Tokyo Marui, Javelin, APS and other compatibles.



Precision machined with maximum strength.

Four mil-spec Picatinny rails for versatile accessory applications.

Simple and friendly installation, no gunsmith required.

Solid locking features for most secure fit.

Ultimate tactical solution to enhance accuracy under toughest environments.

Fits CAR length model M4, AR-15, AR-16 and variants.

Hard anodized finish for wear resistance.

Take Scopes, Flashlights & Laser Sights plus RIS Foregrip for any tactical purpose