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G&G Tactical Mp5 A5 Full Metal Retractable Stock

ZAR 5 500,00 each Brand: G&G


G&G Tactical Mp5 A5 Full Metal Retractable Stock -- Airsoft Electric Gun AEG

Heckler & Koch, most famously known for their "No Compromise" approach to firearms design and manufacturing, has released a fully licensed ELITE Airsoft BLOWBACK version of their very own SMG rifle, the renowned MP5.  Likewise, G&G, a Taiwan-based cutting edge manufacturer of Airsoft guns, is at the forefront of the Airsoft industry, with a wide line of high quality, high performance Airsoft AEGs.

When two industry leaders converge to create a single product, results are typically excellent, to say the very least.  And this fully licensed and trademarked H&K / G&G MP5 A5 Tac BLOWBACK AEG rifle, with a rugged full metal receiver, an ultra high-performance full metal gearbox, and its high-cycle blowback system is no exception.  This ELITE model of the H&K MP5 A5 also features three (x3) integrated rail panels located on the hand guard for maximum versatility, making accessory add-ons and modifications (i.e. installing foregrips, adding flashlights, lasers, etc) quick and simple.  Hence, G&G and H&K have successfully collaborated to manufacture quite possibly one of the BEST MP5 AEGs currently on the market, which certainly justifies their asking price,  Simply put, this AEG was designed to be a segment leader, allowing its operator to dominate and decimate the competition, bar none; with that hefty task, G&G and H&K have gloriously succeeded in producing this world-class AEG.

The high-cycle blowback system on this MP5 is second-to-none.  With each shot, the ejection port cover kicks back with an authoritative "clang," all the while adding no recoil to every shot to ensure accuracy is not tampered with.  The blowback feature adds a whole 'nother dimension of realism to this full metal body, full metal gearbox AEG rifle and compliments the high-performance nature of this rifle beautifully.

The H&K MP5 A5 Tac's gearbox was designed with performance and reliability in mind, and as such is full metal, with reinforced high-speed gears.  Coupled to the high-torque motor installed from the factory, this AEG shoots up to 850 rounds per minute with an 8.4v nunchuck battery, and OVER 1,000 ROUNDS PER MINUTE with a 9.6v nunchuck.  Power peaks at about 375 FPS with 0.20g BBs, though we averaged about 360 FPS while test firing with GoldenBall 0.20g BBs.

The rear stock, in classic MP5 fashion, is extremely sturdy and can be retracted for a more compact profile.  Even though the MP5 is more of a CQB weapon than anything else, H&K and G&G have made sure that this Airsoft "ELITE" model has more than enough firepower to be used indoors or out, your choice.  An adjustable rear sight and an adjustable hop-up system guarantees shot accuracy.  A 200rd high capacity magazine is included to maximize time between reloads.

Battery and charger are NOT included.  An 8.4v nunchuck NiMH battery will get you started, or you can opt for the 9.6v nunchuck NiMH battery for EXTRA rate of fire (over 1,000 rounds per minute).  A standard NiMH battery smart charger is also needed to charge your battery, so make sure to get the right charger if you do not already own one yet.

High-cycle blowback system
Barrel Length = 9.2 inches
Magazine Capacity = 200 Rounds Hi-Cap magazine included
Caliber = 6mm Airsoft BB
Velocity = 340-370+ fps with 0.20 gram BBs
Rate of Fire = 850 RPM with 8.4v battery, 1000+ RPM with 9.6v battery
Weight = 6.2 lbs.
Power = 8.4V, 9.6V NiMh Battery
Ammo type: Seamless 0.20g or heavier (0.23g, 0.25g, 0.26g, 0.28g, etc)BBs.  For maximum performance and accuracy, recommendsGoldenBall ProSlick BBs which carry perfect spherical consistency anddensity

Operation:  Electric Automatic, Blowback
Build/Body:  Full metal receiver, full metal gearbox/internals
Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic and Full-automatic
Magazine: 200-round high capacity (gear wind-up)
Gearbox:  Full metal, reinforced high-speed gears

Package contents:  Rifle, hi-cap magazine (200rd), manual