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US ARMY MICH 2000 Replica Helmet - Black

ZAR 450,00 each


US ARMY MICH 2000 Replica Helmet (same weight like real Kevlar helmet) -- Black

Mich 2000 Helmet (Airsoft Helmet) in OD made of high quality ABS plastic. This extremely high quality replica comes with internal padding to provide a comfortable fit. It weighs just over 2 pounds. Highly adjustable, with a back of the head support cushion, and chin strap. We are very impressed with this product. Does not provide any (ballistic) protection, except from a hail of bbs.
This Helmet is made of ABS like most other protective headgear. ABS is a lightweight plastic that is very rigid and durable thus making itperfect for Airsoft. What is MICH? MICH stands for "Modular Integrated Communications Helmet." That's Fancy talk saying that the inner pads separating your head from the plastic shell are movable and also removable. Why would you want that? Players use different types of headsets (Communications) for their walkie talkies, and the headset can take place of one of the pads, Which if your pads are set up correctly, should not even phase your comfort. This helmet is in no way meant to stop real firearm ammunition of any sort, but it will sure help against minor head injuries. The pads really do offer pretty decent protection on impact, but of course they are not meant for much more than the common airsoft event. I have banged my head off of just about everything possible out on the field. My helmets all look like I was attacked by a lion.
There are 7 removable/modular pads. One Center round pad for the helmet to rest on the top of your head. 1 Pad for your forehead, 1 for the back of your head, and 4 for the sides of your head. The pads form to your head very nicely. You can arrange them so that the helmet is snug on your head, but not putting too much pressure on any one given spot. Being that it is not one solid padded liner, air ventilation is slightly better. The pads create air channels through the helmet. Which ultimately helps keep the user much cooler on a hot summer day. Don't get me wrong, this thing is still going to act somewhat like an oven if you stay in the sun too long, but the pads can come out and be washed if necessary. Comfort doesn't stop with the helmet not rubbing on your head, or being cool. Another very important aspect to being comfortable is the noise! You will notice with the PASGT (Personal Armor System For Ground Troops - Web Strapping instead of pads) that it echo's very badly. It feels like you have your head in a bottle. With this MICH style helmet, the pads stop the sounds from bouncing around in your helmet and creating the awful echo every time you talk, get shot, or hear just about any noise.
The inside of the helmet is lined with a few strips of Velcro. The pads just stick right on it, there is no right or wrong way. The only problem I have found is that with the heat, the glue seems to fail easily. The black surface in the hot sun seems to melt the glue a little, causing the Velcro strips to come undone when taking the pads out. Dependant on where you place the pads, it will either raise or sink the helmet on your head, adding to it being one of the most adjustable helmets out there for our sport.
Rear Neck/Head Support:
Helmets like to flop around. You can't put a bowl on someones head with a strap and tell them to run around for 8 hours and actually expect it not to move. I've saw some players resolve the issue of a helmet moving by wearing a ballcap backwards underneath the helmet. The bill keeps the back of the helmet supported. With the MICH style straps connecting to the back neck pad, it ensures that the helmet does not slide or bounce around. It locks the helmet down nice and tight, it really does to the job. Personally, I was surprised on how much that little device helped.
This helmet is designed for high mobility situations. Lightweight (especially this one, being for airsoft) and the lower rim of the helmet is raised pretty high to allow for movement even while lying down. The only problem is by doing so, it exposes the lower half of your head and neck. Which in airsoft is not life threatening, but may void a fields policy about not having your ears covered. You may need to wear a balaclava underneath depending on the fields policy. The PASGT style helmets are a bit more bulky, and can really be irritating when you try and turn your head, and it gets snagged on your plate carrier. The MICH helmet has my vote for being very mobile!
Replica full size Modular Integrated Communication Helmet (MICH) TC-2000 Kevlar Helmet.
Made of 5 layers fiber glass material.
Maximum durability and realism.
7 pieces sponge padding inside.
Suitable for outdoor activities.
Adjustable suspender straps and chin/neck pad for fitting.
Perfect helmet for collectors, airsoft/paintball players.

Color - Matte black
Size - Medium to Large
Weight - 1050g